How can  I support  your work and where?

Buy or love my art! I like to sell everything through these pages and straight from my studio. Sometimes in Shows and exhibitions, but I like this online shop of mine.

My piece got lost in the mail – what should I do?

If you have not received your tracking information or order within 14 business days of its dispatch, just get in touch via email at saaritaiteilija@gmail.com 
Tracking is included in the price.

Do you do  commission  artwork?


I want to talk to you about what kind of commission we are talking about. Usually yes, few in a year.  Ifyou are interested, please contact me via email. 

How can I see the sizes and prices of the art work?

size and cost of each piece should be found on every post if you click open the piece you are interested in. If not, contact me and I will sort it out asap.

Are  you on social media?

Instagram. its the best for me so far.

You can find me at @ihan_vaan_leena

don't be shy to write or talk to me. I love comments and messages.

How do I pay?

Through secured system here in webshop.

Can I make a reservation for a certain piece? 

no, sorry unfortunately I cannot offer this at this time.

Can I see the painting  before making a purchase decision?

Yes if you visit my studio. I would like that. No refunds or returns if you order an original piece.